Modernity with traditions

We have been producing film since 1989. During this time, we have gained numerous experience in the production and distribution of plastic packaging. From the beginning of our activity we knew how important natural environment and its protection is for us.

We have been actively involved in the production of aesthetic and functional and above all ecological polyethylene film. Our concern for the natural environment is confirmed by numerous certificates and continuous care for production based on the highest global standards. In the technological process, we pay great attention to the raw materials from which we produce our foil.

Using premium ones, we are sure that we offer our clients the highest quality product which complies with global standards. All these factors contributed to the development of our company as a leader in the production and distribution of film. We would like to invite you to have a look at our offer.

Plast-Fol Sp. z o.o. have been producing film and plastic packaging for over 25 years.

The company's success results from undeniable involvement in its development and investment activities carried out by Mrs and Mr Bożena and Zdzisław Niesiobędzcy, who’s strategic decisions and taking business risks have led to the company’s recognition on the European market.

Company’s dynamic development has motivated us to constantly improve our qualifications, which is confirmed by the certificates we have obtained and implementation of innovative solutions in the field of foil and foil packaging production. We put special emphasis on quality. Using premium standard raw materials in our production process gives us confidence that the products we offer are top-class while maintaining highest care for the natural environment. We have established ourselves as a leader in the field of foil packaging production and have gained the trust of many customers. Focusing on all aspects of foil production, we are able to offer our clients the best solutions.

The company’s headquarters are located in Warmia-Mazury, hence our great care for the natural environment. Over the years of experience in the production and distribution of film we have been implementing global production management systems according to nature needs.

Plast-Fol Sp. z o.o. is implementing project co-financed by the European Union Funds „Implementation of new IT tools supporting business processes in the Plast-Fol company”.
The aim of the project is to implement the new IT tools in the company.
The result of the project will be increasing the efficiency of IT processes in the company, grow in the possibility of generating the revenue and elevating company’s competitiveness.

Plast Fol

Plast Fol

Plast Fol
We specialise in the production of polyethylene products,
resulting in a wide range of offered assortment:



single layer






LDPE and HDPE films in the shape of sleeve, half-sleeve and tapes

foils and bag
designed for contact with food


technical foils
and bags

with print


packing tapes with print for packing machines

PLAST-FOL Sp. z o.o. has been producing foil and foil packaging for over 25 years.

In the production process we use the latest global technologies and environmental protection systems. Starting from high-quality attested polish and foreign raw materials. The optimised production process allows us to meet the highest requirements set by our partners, both quality and cost optimisation.

With care for the environment, we have created a recycling department dealing with processing of polyethylene waste, from which we obtain a full-value secondary raw material used for the production of film.

Company’s continuous development, investments in infrastructure and modernisation of the machine park allow for more efficient production and reduction in material usage and production time. At every stage of the production process, the company operates by strictly defined procedures, thanks to which products are always compatible with customer’s requirements.


For the production of films the company chooses only materials from reliable and trusted suppliers. Products created in the company are subject to rigorous tests and controls, thanks to which the client receives a product that is always safe and durable.

Commitment in the environment protection beyond the processing and secondary use of plastics is shown through the optimisation of production process management, energy management and reduction of CO2 emission.


Business Opportunities


The high quality of our production together with the combination of the highest world standards used over the years of our activity, have made our customers feel we are a reliable and flexible business partner.

That resulted in the continuous increase in production and development of new branches in our company.

Since 1995 we also deal with packing production elements for the furniture industr


Modern management methods, improving staff qualifications at every organisational level and company’s promotion policy allowed to develop many commercial contacts with Polish and European contractors.

PLAST-FOL adheres to all standards of reliable and responsible conduct in relations with contractors, clients, public authorities and employees. The company is an advocate of social dialogue, in which it always tries to find solutions satisfying for all sides of the dialogue.


We have a Quality Management Systems Certificate ISO 9001 and Work Safety Certificate OHSAS 18001. As a Protected Work Establishment we put the highest emphasis on the safety and satisfaction of employees.

Corporate Social Responsibility shows itself in the PLAST-FOL company through activities promoting social initiatives such as:
• supporting sport
(sponsoring local sports clubs, competitions)

• supporting local community
(organising family picnics, supporting culture)

• supporting kids and youth education
(activities improving learning conditions, supporting security at schools)

• care for the natural environment
(purchase and recycling of plastic materials)

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